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Boudoir Magazine

Notice: We have changed to a completely online digital blog style format. Past issues are out of print and no longer available. We will be starting fresh as of June 1, 2024.

Boudoir Magazine is an online publication that aims to give exposure to all of the great photographers out there. With the decline of printed magazines and the explosion of digital media, I chose to make Boudoir Magazine completely online. This format means I can bring all of the articles and images to the world at virtually zero cost. You pay nothing to read the articles, unlike traditional printed magazines.

Editor and Writer, Tiffany Smith.

About Me

Hi. I'm Tiffany Smith. I've been doing boudoir photography for about 10 years now. I have my own boudoir business in Jacksonville, Florida called Boudoir Rebels. I started Boudoir Magazine to help other boudoir photographers showcase their talents.

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There's nothing hotter than a beautiful woman. Boudoir photography highlights every curve, every detail of a woman. Our magazine curates the top boudoir images from around the world, collaborating with the top photographers from every continent.

Boudoir client posing on a bed.